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Countertops You'll Crave for Your Bathroom Renovation

When it comes to assuring that your bathroom countertops maintain their pristine and aesthetic appeal, it’s less about the nature of their daily use and more about the quality materials they are made of. In fact, certain materials, finishes, and natural or engineered patterns can help visually mitigate the mess while also offering a sophisticated look; which in turn helps your bathroom countertops shine even when they're not their absolute cleanest.

To help your East Bay bathroom remodel encompass an undeniable appeal that will last a lifetime, we have compiled this quick guide to help you navigate the choices. Read more to gain valuable insights from the pros.

Your Ultimate Guide to Countertops for Bathroom Remodels

High-end countertop materials to consider...

First and foremost, keep in mind material really does matter; especially when you look at overall quality, proper care, you and your family’s lifestyle habits, long term return on investment, and of course the exact appeal you’re going for with the room’s overall design. Three materials worth getting more familiar with are marble, granite, and quartz. Although there are several other laminates, ceramic, tile, acrylic and various other options, the following are the crème de la crème so to say.


The word marble literally means “shining stone” in Greek, thus it’s no surprise consumers are drawn to it’s crystalline nature. As unique as they come, every slab of marble is one of a kind with its formation of mineral deposits that create elegant and attractive veining. Used throughout history in mansions, churches, and even Michelangelo’s sculptures, marble holds a sense of luxury that connoisseurs revel in.

Elegant as this material is, it's important to remember marble is a metamorphic rock that is somewhat porous, therefore it is susceptible to scratches and stains. Regardless of the price tag, double check and make sure your final product is sealed to help protect it. Also, be prepared to provide a bit of extra care, unlike some of the following alternatives.


For a scratch-resistant and heat-resistant countertop opt for granite. It offers a unique, earthy appearance given no two slabs of stone look the same, yet there are a wide array of options to choose from. Although incredibly durable and strong, this product also requires sealant to make it that way, so make sure it's part of the fabrication process prior to installation.

If cost is an issue then look at granite as a future investment. With long-lasting qualities, a high-end slab will often reside within a home significantly longer than its initial inhabitants do. So expect a lovely return on investment with granite and in the meantime, fall in love with its natural ability to hide debris given the mix of colors and shapes.


For an environmentally-friendly option that is considered even harder and longer-lasting than granite, consider quartz. This nearly indestructible material is made from engineered stone and offers you endless possibilities for styles, colors, and patterns. Unlike trying to find the perfect slab of granite to suit your visual needs, quartz has the same look as stone yet allows homeowners the opportunity to customize the design. Have your quartz countertops sealed for optimal protection and enjoy how easy it is to clean with soap and water, or a simple household cleaner.

If you didn’t get to the mess in the powder room before your dinner party, don’t worry. Like marble and granite, quartz is able to hide quite a bit with its visually satisfying manufactured stone patterns.

High-End Countertops Found In East Bay Luxury Homes

A finished project is the best part of any bathroom remodel. Here are some examples of our favorite projects that utilize the countertops above for you to draw inspiration from:

Pristine Transitional Design with Marble Countertop

All materials for this project were carefully selected with the goal of creating a pristine and clean transitional guest bathroom. The Carrara marble countertops pair beautifully with the Harmoni by Bentwood vanity in white finish, featuring a Portofino door and drawer style and Kohler undermount sink in white. The crystal drawer knobs and Swarovski faucet knobs add the perfect touch of shimmer without sacrificing sophistication.

Countertops You'll Crave for Your Bathroom Renovation - Bathroom Renovation - Carrara Marble - Custom Kitchens

Timeless Mid-Century Quartz Countertop

A master suite made to accentuate the open, airy feel of California’s coast, while also embedding a sense of warmth and comfort with the soft earthy color palette. The Cambria quartz countertop in Kelvingrove (taupe, white, and robin's egg blue-green) blends beautifully with the Nantucket undermount sink in white and Harmoni’s mustard wood cabinetry featuring Lido style doors and drawers. To further enhance the design, a Brizo faucet with green glass accents on the handles acts as a final sweet touch that softens the entire space.

Countertops You'll Crave for Your Bathroom Renovation - Bathroom Renovation - Cambria Quartz - Custom Kitchens

The Bathroom of Your Dreams With Countertops That Last

At Custom Kitchens we never settle for anything less than your dream bathroom—a place that offers comfort and aesthetics for both your family and your guests. Countertops that stun and last the test of time are the starting point for any bathroom remodel and can make every decision that follows much easier.

If you have more specific questions regarding products, styles, no-fuss design, or you’d like to set up a consultation to discuss your project please contact us at Custom Kitchens.

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