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Fresh Designs That Will Inspire Your Upscale Remodeling Project

We know that doing laundry can feel like a tedious chore, so why not design a functional, aesthetically pleasing space for the whole family to enjoy? Our laundry room design projects incorporate light, serene and happy colors to uplift the mood and create an enjoyable space to accomplish the weekly grind of doing laundry. Clean lines, smooth textures, and ample, soft lighting are essential features to incorporate into your laundry space.

To help you with laundry room ideas for your next home remodeling project, we’ve put together this simple guide featuring 3 Custom Kitchens laundry design projects that are sure to get your creative juices flowing. From materials, finishes, and cabinetry to optimizing your space, read on for design inspiration to upgrade your laundry room from the pros.

Materials and Finishes for a Clean Look

We suggest quartz countertops in lighter colors with painted cabinetry in contrasting bright colors to create a clean look. Add in a Corian integrated sink with a coved backsplash for an easy-to-clean space for wet areas. Corian sinks are known for beauty, functionality, durability, stain resistance, and hygiene. Cove is a high-end backsplash that seamlessly connects the countertop to the splash by curving into it.

Optimizing the Space of Your Laundry Room

Often the laundry room in many people’s homes can be cluttered and overwhelming. The best way to eliminate clutter is by creating storage space for all your laundry room essentials, such as baskets for sorting and a work surface area for folding. A deep laundry sink such as the Corian is ideal for soaking and handwashing clothing. And lastly, a drying rack or closet rod above is great for hanging items to dry.

Appliances and Furniture for Your Laundry Space

Moisture and heavy use in your laundry room mean you’ll want good quality cabinetry that will last for years to come. Unfortunately, solid wood, especially in lower-quality cabinets, can warp over time when exposed to higher humidity levels typical in laundry rooms.

We recommend using Harmoni, Bentwood, or Nickels cabinetry for these spaces because they are well constructed with pre-finished plywood interiors. They also come with good quality painted or thermofoil wrapped doors which are water-resistant and make cleaning convenient.

Washers and dryers come in many sizes, from compact to large capacity units. With larger families come larger units, so installing a lower-height side counter is a good idea since they will be too tall for a folding counter on top. Larger baskets or deep storage can work above these units.

Three CK Design Ideas to Inspire Your Next Laundry Space Project

Transitional Laundry Room Oakland

A narrow and cramped laundry room transformed into a spacious, inviting, and pleasing entryway to the garden on the side of the house. The inspiration for this project came from the desire to take advantage of unused space under the home’s upper level. Therefore, we redesigned it to widen the room and allow cabinetry and countertops to sit opposite the laundry sink, washer, and dryer wall. The more expansive room also allows for large capacity washer & dryer units since they are deeper than the previous units.

The design elements for this space include a soft palate of pale green/grey cabinetry and ceramic flooring in an offset pattern. Bright quartz countertops and smooth accompanying walls provide warmth and calm, peaceful space. In addition, the owner’s love of art adds beautiful touches to the walls that would make anyone rethink laundry as a chore.

Products used for this space

Cabinetry is Harmoni by Bentwood, full overlay ¾” European construction, paint grade, “Silver Smoke,” Portofino door style, polished chrome fixtures, and quartz countertop Caesarstone in Blizzard.

 Custom, Clean, and Clever Laundry Room Ideas - Home Remodeling - Harmoni Cabinetry - Custom Kitchens

Major Remodel in Classic Rockridge Craftsman House

This clean and simple design has a plethora of storage, hidden utilities, and counter space so that you can fold the entire family’s load of laundry without getting your kids’ clothes mixed up. The goal was to reconfigure the laundry room with an added bathroom adjacent to the upstairs bedroom where most of this busy family’s laundry exists. A pocket door between the two spaces allows for better flow, similar to a mudroom between the laundry and bath.

The tall cabinet houses baskets for laundry sorting with a drawer below the cabinet used for miscellaneous mending items, cleaning brushes, etc. The base cabinet includes roll-out shelving for large detergent containers and cleaning supplies. Complemented with an easy access ironing board that can quickly and easily be pulled out of the drawer makes for quick touch-ups on items coming out of the dryer.

The washer and dryer are tucked under the counter for a clean and tidy look, with the countertop creating ample space for folding. The color scheme and flooring of the laundry room flow into the new bathroom, where much of the laundry is collected, so the two spaces work together.

Products used for this space

The materials for this laundry room flow into the adjacent bath. It includes a hexagon and dot black and white ceramic floor, Shaker style white painted Harmoni Cabinetry, a Corian countertop in glacier white, and an Iron-A-Way built-in ironing board.

Custom, Clean, and Clever Laundry Room Ideas - Home Remodeling - Harmoni Cabinetry - Custom Kitchens

Unfinished Basement Transforms into Fully Functional Laundry Room

The inspiration for this basement project was the desire for a newly finished space that includes a combination of rooms; the laundry, a bathroom with a shower, an exercise area, extra storage, and a new entrance into the garage. The original space was an unfinished basement with an old cracked concrete floor, unfinished 2x4 walls, and an exposed ceiling.

The laundry space was designed to include many functionalities: a heavy-duty pull out/retractable closet rod for hanging wet hand-washed items or wet clothes out of the washer, a clothesline for lighter items, sorting baskets for laundry, a built-in ironing board, a large soaking sink (with a lid which when in use creates an additional folding space), a tilt tray under the sink for sponges and brushes, and tall cabinets for bulk storage.

Products used for this space

Products used were Corian countertops in Tumbled Glass, a Sub Zero Freezer drawer unit (with custom panels) that supplemented the upstairs kitchen refrigerator and freezer. In addition, a Hafele pull out pantry, recycle/garbage bins, tray divider to store the “lid” for the sink cover (for more folding/working countertop space), a super large capacity Miele washer and dryer, thermofoil cabinets in Antique white pebbly finish, and an Iron-A-Way ironing board.

Custom, Clean, and Clever Laundry Room Ideas - Home Remodeling - Corian Countertops - Custom Kitchens

Design Your Laundry Room for Convenience, Functionality, and Enjoyment

At Custom Kitchens we never settle for anything less than your ideal laundry room—a place that offers convenience, durability, and aesthetics making the chore of laundry enjoyable. Create a space with optimization in mind, along with high-quality furniture and appliances that will stand the test of time.

If you have more specific questions regarding products, styles, no-fuss design, or you’d like to set up a consultation to discuss your project please contact us at Custom Kitchens.

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