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From Planning to Completion: Timelines for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

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If you are planning to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you're probably wondering how long the process will take from start to finish. In this article, we will guide you through the remodeling timelines for kitchens and bathrooms, from the planning and design stages to finish construction.

At Custom Kitchens, we know that planning around remodeling timelines can be overwhelming. Our goal with this guide is to provide you with the information to help you understand what goes into that process, stay on track, and efficiently achieve your remodeling goals.

How Long Does a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel Take?

From the design process through the construction phase, a kitchen remodel typically takes between 6 or 7 months and a bathroom remodel usually requires approximately 5 months to complete. In the following sections, we'll guide you through the remodeling process for kitchens and bathrooms and present you with the timelines for each project step.

The kitchen and bathroom remodeling timeline typically involves three main phases, each with its own set of tasks and duration.

Phase 1: Design

A critical component of the process that is often overlooked or not given adequate consideration by many remodelers, is the Design Phase. Our National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Certified Kitchen and Bath Designers work closely with you to ensure we fully understand your needs and establish a design plan that meets your vision for your space. Ideally, this phase lasts approximately two months, however project complexity and designer and/or homeowner availability can impact the timeline.

Phase 2: Product Ordering and Permits

Once the design phase is complete, we move on to the Construction contract. We procure the necessary permits and begin ordering materials for your project. This typically takes around two months but the exact duration will depend on product availability and city planning efficiency. With our industry expertise, we aim for a seamless transition from design to construction.

Phase 3: Construction

The construction timeline will vary based on project complexity. Nevertheless, as a general guideline, complete kitchen remodels typically take approximately 8-12 weeks, while bathroom remodels take approximately 8 weeks.

At Custom Kitchens, we combine design and construction under one roof, streamlining the construction phase and speeding up project delivery considerably. This simple but fundamental difference not only saves money and time but fosters trust, collaboration and teamwork between homeowner, designer & builder.

Custom Kitchens - Kitchen Remodeling Tips

How to Plan Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel Step by Step

If you're considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel, it's crucial to have a solid plan in place before you begin. Here are some recommended steps to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Step 1: Establishing a Budget

Establishing a budget is crucial in any renovation project. Ask yourself how much do you want to invest in your home? Afterall, your home is your biggest investment. Once your budget has been established, it's time to visit a design/build showroom where trade professionals can offer up-to-date costs for your area and other resources for your research. Be sure to consider and utilize our expertise.

Step 2: Setting Your Priorities

Once you have established a budget, the next step is setting your priorities. Consider what the main functions of the space are and what you are trying to achieve. This will help you to determine which features and upgrades are essential.

Step 3: Exploring the Products and Ideas You Wish to Incorporate

When planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, it's helpful to research the products you wish to include in your space. Take the time to explore the different options and consider factors like built quality, aesthetics, and cost.

Step 4: Determining the Layout

Determining the layout of your new kitchen or bathroom is a crucial step in the remodeling process. Your Design/Build team will work with this preliminary layout and guide you through the floor planning process, considering your needs and preferences.

Step 5: Picking Out Appliances, Cabinetry, Countertops, and Finishing Touches

Selecting the appliances, cabinetry, countertops, and other finishing touches is next. In this step, your Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer will provide a portfolio of finish products to help you pull everything together. By combining your own research with the expertise of our team, we'll help you create a beautiful, functional space that meets your vision and needs.

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The Benefits of Bringing Design and Construction Together Under the One Roof

At Custom Kitchens, we bring design & construction under one roof with our Design/Build approach. One of the main advantages is that it streamlines project delivery and saves time and money. This integrated approach helps ensure that your project will be completed efficiently and effectively, focusing on quality and client satisfaction.

Advantages for Homeowners

There are several advantages to our Design/Build approach, including:

  • Faster delivery: Collaborative project management means work is completed faster with fewer challenges.
  • Cost & time savings: An integrated team is geared toward efficiency and innovation.
  • Better quality: Design-builders meet performance needs instead of minimum design requirements. This often leads to developing innovations to deliver a better project than initially imagined.
  • Singular responsibility: One entity is held accountable for communication, cost, schedule, and performance.
  • Reduced administrative burden: Owners can focus on the project and their ideas rather than managing disparate contracts and entities.

Practitioner Benefits

Our Design/Build process also has several advantages for the design and construction teams. The streamlined communication between the designer, contractor, subcontractors, and owner increases collaboration and results in faster project completion times and reduced costs.

Moreover, having the teams work together from the start can direct the design process to take advantage of existing conditions, product availability, current building code requirements, and new construction and construction management techniques.

Final Thoughts

Embarking on a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project from design to construction can be challenging, even for experienced homeowners and building contractors. However, with our Design/Build approach, you get the best of both worlds. Not only do you get to work with a professional level construction co, a builder with over 70+ years of experience, but you also have a general contractor with an in-house certified and award-winning design team and construction crew. As such the Design/Build benefits let you focus on the creative aspects while we handle all the project details. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.

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