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5 Reasons Your Kitchen Remodel Must Include a Banquette

When kitchen remodeling East Bay homes, we set out on a mission to combine flawless functionality with a contemporary design that reflects our clients’ needs, desires, and personalities.

One of the most functional and eye-catching pieces of furniture we focus on for our custom home kitchens is none other than the kitchen banquette. With multiple design options such as a straight bench, curved seat, L-shape corner in a nook, or seating integrated into the back of a kitchen island, there are many creative ideas for incorporating the banquette in your kitchen. We take pride in developing kitchens by design with our custom-made banquettes built with each space and preference in mind. Read on to learn the five reasons your next kitchen remodel should include a banquette.

Space Optimization

Seating That Offers Functional Elegance Space Optimization - Custom Kitchens

Do you have a small or tight space in your kitchen? A kitchen banquette is functional and optimizes the space needed for the eat-in dining area, especially if it takes advantage of a corner nook. In addition, because the seating is against the wall, it removes the need for individual chairs and the space behind them. Our banquettes are custom-built and designed to fit flawlessly in your kitchen space.

Built For Comfort

Seating That Offers Functional Elegance Built for comfort - Custom Kitchens

Ensure your banquette is built for comfort by adding quality seat cushions and back cushions with a pleasantly angled back. This design is a perfect fit for families who enjoy spending time in the kitchen while being out of the “fray” of the cooks. It creates a space for engagement and socializing for the whole family while many activities can occur.

Improved Seating Options

Seating That Offers Functional Elegance Improved Seating Options - Custom Kitchens

If you’re having a dinner or cocktail party and you require adequate seating, a banquette can help in a pinch. Generally, each place setting requires 24” in width per person. With a bench, you can squeeze more people in, especially if it’s casually hanging out with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in a social atmosphere where everyone wants to be in the kitchen at once. After the bench is built, it’s better to take measurements for the custom seat and back cushions to ensure it has a good and tight fit. For example, when planning the seating height, the height of the cushions should be taken into consideration for the final size after being seated on the cushion. The angle back, overhangs, and fit and finish of the cabinetry parts are also essential in the design and build process.

Design Opportunities

Seating That Offers Functional Elegance Design Opportunities - Custom Kitchens

A Banquette adds opportunities for soft furnishings that can add contrasting colors, patterns, and textures with cushions and pillows. These can be changed to match the seasons or aesthetics of your kitchen space, genuinely offering the ability to create custom kitchens by design. You can also go for sofa style, depending on the level of sophistication, creating a minimal or luxurious look. Your kitchen banquette can also be built into a wall next to a window providing ample lighting and a view.

Unique Storage Ideas

Seating That Offers Functional Elegance Unique Storage Ideas - Custom Kitchens

Kitchen banquettes offer many unique options for storage. The bench can have drawers for storage space beneath it or built into the seat. We can also build in little nooks to display seasonal items or store kitchen items. The storage space can be custom-designed to your needs.

At Custom Kitchens, we work with you on specifications, measurements, and overall craftsmanship. A kitchen banquette or bench can take time to be custom-built, but once it is complete, the time and effort will prove worth it to have a dining area specifically designed for your space, style, and family activities.

Considering every contemporary design detail, we can custom-build elegant kitchen banquettes that are flawlessly functional for your next East Bay home remodeling project. If you have more specific questions regarding products, styles, no-fuss design, or you’d like to set up a consultation to discuss your project, please contact us at Custom Kitchens.

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