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The Best Luxury Appliances for Upmarket East Bay Kitchens

Luxury kitchen appliances have a prestige that is undeniable, a function that is masterful, and a brand that is recognizable. With long-standing and well deserved reputations, you can rest assured that you are getting the most innovative and revolutionary technologies that cater to high-end performance. You can expect the best because they are the best. And with them you are able to create the finest home cooking experience possible.

Below is a list of the best luxury appliances that you should consider adding to your upmarket kitchen. They are products that cover everything from keeping your initial ingredients fresh to sanitizing your space in an eco-conscious and pristine way. Learn more about the brands we trust and know you will too.

Sub-Zero Preservation System

Let’s start with refrigeration. When it comes to the art and science of food preservation, we turn to the specialists at Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero is a Madison, Wisconsin family-owned and operated company that has been in business since 1945. For over 75 years they have been reimagining, redesigning, and customizing high-end refrigeration units that keep your produce at its peak taste and texture. Sub-Zero’s products stand above the competition with a full range of luxurious configurations and options. The many product options allow for refrigeration where you need it, whether full size, side by side, freezer on bottom, or drawer style (undercabinet), they allow for a very customized design and experience.

One of our top choices is the 48” Pro refrigerator/freezer with a glass door. It’s a sculpted stainless steel masterpiece built with premium-grade materials that will aid every culinary artist in serving the freshest foods. Besides being wi-fi enabled so it gives customers alerts and status updates, it has all the high-performance qualities that Sub-Zero is known for: two separate cooling systems, advanced air seal doors, a microprocessor that controls the interior temperature to within one degree of its setpoint, and it scrubs the air of ethylene, mold, viruses, and bacteria every twenty minutes using NASA-based advanced air purification technology. It is pure precision and style.

The Top High-End Appliance Brands for Your Upscale Kitchen - Remodel Sub-Zero
Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Wolf Ranges

Fifteen years ago Sub-Zero met Wolf and together they revolutionized cooking with double convection technology and ultimate simmer capabilities. Owned and operated by the same dedicated company, you know that Wolf products are built and tested to last. Wolf offers a professional kitchen pedigree with its built-in ovens, cooktops, and ranges. With decades of engineering you get the perfect combination of power and finesse so you can perfect a five course meal with twice the control of their competition.

The 36” dual fuel range with six burners tops off the list. It assures predictably delicious results with a variety of modes. The model monitors heat and airflow expertly, while also providing sealed burners that produce a range of 300-20,000 Btu so you can sear the perfect steak or evenly warm a delicate sauce. If your recipe calls for a dollop of time and an ounce of attention, then Wolf has you covered.

The Top High-End Appliance Brands for Your Upscale Kitchen Remodel - Wolf Range
Wolf Range

Cove Dishwashers

From the freshest ingredients to a divine, mouth-watering meal we complete the Sub-Zero and Wolf trilogy with the Cove dishwasher. Cove offers flexible interiors, near-silent operation, and spotlessly clean dishes with every load so that you can begin each meal with dry, glistening dishes. Their standard of performance includes sanitation with its Sani Rinse Option, four-stage filtration that catches food particles to ensure clean water is passed through the jets, and fan-assisted drying so that you never have to towel dry your dishes or utensils again. Give your finest China, delicate stemware, saucepans, and wire whisks, a customized wash while you rest assured knowing that similar to its cohorts, a Cove dishwasher is manufactured to last for over 20 years with rigorous daily use. It takes on the dirtiest of jobs, yet performs brilliantly in a way that will never disappoint.

The 24” Dishwasher is panel ready to blend into your custom cabinetry or stand alone in stainless steel. Without competing with the style of a room or the lifestyle of its owner, the Cove executes its duties with efficiency. Beyond removing food and grease with 3 powerful spray arms, it has a custom wash and dry option for different soil levels, height-adjustable racking systems, and the ability to start a wash cycle remotely with wi-fi. Cove has truly thought of it all as their products continue to evolve and grow in the luxury market.

The Top High-End Appliance Brands for Your Upscale Kitchen Remodel - Cove Dishwasher Panel
Cove Dishwasher panel

Asko Dishwashers

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly dishwasher with elegant, sleek and sophisticated lines, then Asko is a prime option. For 70 years the Swedish brand, inspired by Scandinavian values, has been committed to environmental protection. They strive to find the most eco-friendly solutions so that their products are water and energy efficient. With their patented Super Cleaning System (SCS+) and distinct modes of operation, they save their owners time, electricity, water, and effort. Made primarily of stainless steel, they are built to be functional, minimalistic, and high quality. They proudly earned the ENERGY STAR label and are known for delivering high-performance and precision.

The Panel ready with XXL interior 50 Series Dishwasher showcases Asko’s abilities. With a fully-integrated installation, space to accommodate 17 place settings, and access to controls that do not interfere with the aesthetic of your kitchen, it is a must have. If your priority is going green, select the Green Mode to save both water and energy. If you're on the go and need speed, the Speed Mode will reduce the program time by 50%. The Jet Spray™ provides extra dishwashing power, the Wide Spray™ gives extra washing power for pans, and the Twin Tubes™ utilize a separate spray zone for the middle basket. With so many luxurious options and a 5-year warranty, you’ll rest at night knowing you made a great decision purchasing an Asko.

The Top High-End Appliance Brands for Your Upscale Kitchen Remodel - Asko Dishwasher Interior The Top High-End Appliance Brands for Your Upscale Kitchen Remodel - Asko Dishwasher Exterior
Asko Dishwasher interior (left) and exterior (right)

KitchenAid Appliances

So far we have highlighted all the larger appliances that will make your life easier, but what about the smaller ones that you know you’ll need to puree a dipping sauce or whisk your eggs until they are fluffy? We turn to KitchenAid for the everyday small appliances to prepare the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies and the evenly golden faces of your morning toast.

The Pro Line Series by KitchenAid is an American home appliance brand that has been owned and operated by Whirlpool Corporation since 1919. With years of experience, KitchenAid has been revamping their appliance design to focus on high-end models with a sharp industrial look. They are engineered for performance with incredible power, quiet operation, ergonomic designs and intuitive controls. These professional-style appliances offer consistent results and they come with a 5-year total replacement limited warranty. Fall in love with their look, but fall into loyalty with their performance.

Why We Trust These Luxury Appliances and Brands

Whether you are building new or planning a kitchen remodel, selecting the perfect appliances can feel overwhelming. We all want to know which brands we can trust and which products will offer efficient, reliable, and favorable results. Through diligent research, personal experience, low maintenance costs and dependable outcomes, we have narrowed down the list. Our experience in implementing these products into our upscale East Bay kitchen designs has made us both believers and advocates. We trust and support these brands, and know that you will too.

If you have more specific questions and/or need a little help designing your upscale East Bay Kitchen, please contact us.

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