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Turn Your East Bay Bathroom Remodel Into A Place of Serenity

There are very few elements of design that have the ability to perpetually emanate style, exceed the short relevancy of a trend, and transform your East Bay bathroom renovation into a place of absolute serenity. Let alone be able to change how you experience a room, no matter how big or small, by improving the overall functionality and giving a sense of sophistication. These top 5 design elements applied by professional bath designers can do all of that and are worth noting. Utilize one or all of the tips and you’ll instantaneously notice the difference a simple and minimalistic approach can make.

If you are seeking inspiration for a new project or looking for ways to assure your 2021 bathroom remodel is relevant for years to come, this is an excellent resource to utilize. With three primary projects you’ll see the following top 5 design elements and why they are worth incorporating into your next bathroom renovation.

  1. Creative Lighting: Natural or backlit features to give an open, airy feel
  2. A Natural Color Palette: Soft, monochromatic color scheme that mimics nature
  3. The Simplicity of Clean Lines: Linear designs with a timeless appeal
  4. No-touch or Smart Fixtures: New technologies that make a difference
  5. A No-Fuss Design: Easy to care for products that minimize maintenance
5 Design Elements To Make Your Bathroom Remodel Timeless - Bathroom Renovation - Frameless Shower Door - Custom Kitchens 5 Design Elements To Make Your Bathroom Remodel Timeless - Bathroom Renovation - Lilac Walls - Custom Kitchens

Spring Lilac Bathroom Renovation

If you have natural light, use it. The textured glass window parallel to the Robern mirrored medicine cabinet allows just enough light in to highlight the lilac walls and offer a mid-day glow. With an essence of spring the accent tulips, bamboo cabinets, and a white quartz countertop and backsplash give the space a light and fresh feeling. Whereby the clean lines of the frameless shower and large tiles make the entire area easy to clean for a no-fuss design. Lastly, the Toto toilet offers innovation in the most comforting and refreshing ways possible to help this modern bathroom remodel hit all 5 of the design elements listed above.

When looking to redo your bathroom add the perfect touch of color to an array of quality products so that your overall design makes you feel clean, crisp, and alive!

Featured products: Robern mirrored medicine cabinet, Cambria quartz countertops & backsplash, bamboo cabinetry, 8 x 20” shower tile, stone & glass deco tile, frameless shower door, shower grab bar, fold down teak shower bench.

5 Design Elements To Make Your Bathroom Remodel Timeless - Bathroom Renovation - Creative backlit lighting - Custom Kitchens

Modern Creative Lighting in Master Bathroom Remodel

A backlit vanity and mirror can turn a master bathroom into a spa-like retreat, especially when you add clean and simple structural lines with a neutral color palette. To add a bit of fluidity and movement several surfaces give the appearance of texture. For instance, the horizontal wood grain along the floating vanity adds big sweeps of contrast to the lighter colored and fine patterned flooring. While the wall backsplash with a mock vertical grain adds to the affect. When you look closely you’ll see that many of the surfaces are flat and continuous surfaces. This makes for a no-fuss, low maintenance and easy to clean bathroom.

Four out of the 5 elements are shown, can you guess which ones?

Featured products: Wetstyle M Collection surface mounted medicine cabinets and wall mounted vanity unit with integrated countertop.

5 Design Elements To Make Your Bathroom Remodel Timeless - Bathroom Renovation - Herringbone tile - Custom Kitchens

Transitional,Textured, and Transformative Bathroom Design

This small space is filled with texture in a variety of neutral greys to create a modern, stylish, and fully functional bathroom. The Toto Aquia wall hung washlet toilet offers a sleek and understated look as it hovers over the herringbone tile design along the floor which seamlessly flows into the shower pan to add more uniformity. With a frameless shower enclosure and recessed tile shampoo niche the space feels more open than the actual square footage. Natural light is limited but available above the large Marca Corona white porcelain shower tiles.

Can you pick out the four design elements that were targeted within this design?

Featured Products: Toto Aquia wall hung washlet toilet, Marca Corona, white, porcelain 12x24 large shower wall tiles, Robern mirrored medicine cabinet, herringbone tile design on floor and shower pan adds texture and uniformity, frameless shower enclosure, recessed tile shampoo niche.

5 Design Elements to Make Your Bathroom Remodel Timeless

Each of these gorgeous designs showcase creative lighting, a natural color palette, the simplicity of clean lines, smart fixtures, and a no-fuss design. In interior design the details matter as they have the ability to invoke a feeling or mood of bliss, balance, and rejuvenation. Custom Kitchens understands this concept and can help you dial in all 5 design elements so that your bathroom emanates style, exceeds trends, and has a timeless, no fuss look and feel that is absolutely serene.

If you have more specific questions regarding products, styles, no-fuss design, or you’d like to set up a consultation to discuss your project please contact us at Custom Kitchens. We are an award-winning design/build company that has been in business since 1950 and we would love to be your one stop shop for professional bathroom remodeling.

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