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Our Favorite High-End Bathroom Remodels in the East Bay

We have everyday rituals that help us set the tone, clear the slate, or give pause to our daily hustle. And for many, those rituals take place in the solitude of their bathrooms. Designing a high-end bathroom that appeals to an individual’s senses can be as custom as the luxury products she uses or the clothes she wears, however there are aspects that everyone can appreciate and undeniably lavish in having. We all have the need to feel that life is in balance. Everyone appreciates when work is created with purpose. And there’s something so sweet about allowing simplicity to nurture your inner zen. With these 3 elements in mind, we’d like to highlight a few of our favorite remodels in the East Bay that will give you ideas on how you too can remodel your bathroom to be a place of pure rejuvenation.

Use Geometric Shapes to Instill Balance

Upscale Bathroom Remodeling Trends East Bay California - Geometric Shapes and Balance - Emeryville Condo Remodel - Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins
Emeryville Condo Bathroom Remodel Focused on Luxury, Functionality, and Balance

To instill more balance in your bathroom, you can: 1) use geometric tile as a focal point, 2) choose textures that maximize visual interest, and 3) select tones that help you feel grounded and calm. The magic is in the details and with the perfect combination of matte, gloss, teak and brushed nickel, you’ll achieve luxury without compromising functionality.

This urban Emeryville condominium bathroom focuses on maximizing luxury and functionality in a small space. When first viewing the room, your eyes are drawn to the shower’s decorative band of glossy, three-dimensional tile and matte field tile that were meticulously installed. The overall aesthetic is then completed by the illusion of texture within the floor tile both in and outside the shower pan. To add efficiency, the shower accessories feature a foldable teak bench, teak shelf with grab bar, and large rain shower head and handshower that meets California code requirements for low flow rate. The teak elements soften up the coolness of the space. Lastly, brushed nickel hardware, an oversized mirror, and a custom wall-mounted mirror were selected to brighten the compact space since it was lacking in natural light. The overall aesthetic creates an oasis for relaxation that will help you feel balanced at any point of your day.

Featured products used in remodel: Tileshop Settecento shower tile; and Porcelanosa Ferroker floor tile; Mr. Steam fold down teak shower bench; Kohler Choreograph teak tray; Grohe Euphoria low flow rate rain and hand shower combo.

Upscale Bathroom Remodeling Trends East Bay California - Oakland - Black and White for Visually Impaired - Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins
Oakland Bathroom Remodel Focused on Black & White with a Splash of Gold

The combination of black and white is as classic as they come, however in this bathroom the color palette was specifically chosen to meet the client’s physical needs. The light space and stark contrast allows those that are visually impaired to safely maneuver around the bathroom. Whereby the gold fixtures and whirlpool bathtub give a timeless look and feel so that everyone can enjoy the luxury of its design.

This exquisite transitional design was created to serve a special purpose. It features a black quartz vanity countertop with light veins of speckles to offset the white statuario bathtub deck and surrounding tile. Powder coated white grab bars were installed and designed to blend eloquently without demanding too much attention. Hexagon floor tile in Carrara marble was chosen to compliment the mission style door and white matte finish of the cabinetry. And the “Luxe Gold” plumbing fixtures in the shower, sink, and tub were selected to give warmth to the full design. The traditional, yet modern, appeal was created to provide ease of use in a rich and leisurely fashion.

Featured products used in remodel: Vanilla Noir Ceasarstone black quartz vanity countertop; Marca Corona-Deluxe bathtub deck; Palazzo 14” porcelain hexagon floor tile in Carrara marble; “Luxe Gold” plumbing fixtures by Brizo Litze; Elmwood cabinetry.

Letting Simplicity Become Your “Zen”

Upscale Bathroom Remodeling Trends East Bay California - Alameda - Simplicity and Zen - Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins
Alameda Bathroom Remodel Focused on Creating Simplicity and Zen

Contemporary interiors have an air of simplicity that encourage a state of calm attentiveness. A space designed in this fashion can easily become an incubator for stress relief and rejuvenation, which is exactly how a master bathroom should be. The clean linear lines, soft natural wood tones, and neutral tile colors allow this featured high-end bathroom to shine in the natural light and create a “spa like” atmosphere for all occupants.

The floating vanity in natural walnut and integrated white matte countertop attracts your attention to the clear glass shower and minimalist tub, almost as if it were inviting you to light a candle and take a soak. Neutral floor tile rounds out the deep blue wall paint to create a soothing mood, as does the shoji screen paired with the quartz tub deck tile and window sills. Together these elements create interest in a small/compact space, while also appealing to the inhabitant’s senses.

Featured products used in remodel: Wetstyle M Collection floating vanity; MTI Andrea tub; Emser floor tile in the shade of Pebbles; Arizona Tile tub deck.

Bathroom designs will always hold a sense of importance and appeal because it’s a room we find ourselves in multiple times a day. When the look is balanced, we ourselves feel balanced. When the design integrates intention and function, we can fully appreciate its purpose. And when the nature of the space nurtures a zen like state of mind, we can move through our daily rituals with grace. Many of us relish in a little “me time” and the bathroom is one of the best places to assure that your needs are met in a refreshing and rejuvenating way.

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