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Why Choose Custom, Luxury Cabinet Brands?

Adding high-end, custom cabinetry to your kitchen offers more than storage solutions, it makes a noticeable statement about your appreciation of fine craftsmanship and value within the “heart of your home.” As the focal point of your culinary space, luxury cabinets not only boost aesthetics, but they improve your property’s overall market value. Opt-in for a seamless design with the perfect fit for your specific layout. Showcase your attention to details. Select the highest quality materials from the most reputable cabinet makers on the market, and know that your upscale kitchen remodel will be a proclamation of class and style.

Below is a guide to help navigate the options as you choose the best brand for your high-end, custom cabinets.

Bentwood Luxury Kitchens - A Respected High-End Brand

Personalized to you and your home’s design, Bentwood Luxury Kitchens understands the importance of furniture-grade cabinets that are handcrafted specifically for your project. Established in 1989 by a furniture maker and kitchen designer that had the vision of creating kitchens one-at-a-time, Bentwood is one of the most well known and highly respected brands on the market. Based in Texas, their brand and influence has spread across America as they now employ over one hundred designers and woodworkers. They assure quality products, while also fine tuning the design so it is original, unique, and 100% custom.

Bentwood’s exquisite designs feature everything from self-closing/soft-closing hinges and drawer guides; frameless, face frame or flush inset custom cabinetry; extraordinary finish selections; and a long list of exterior texture options in wood, glass, or metal. Whether you are choosing contemporary high gloss or old world French country style, Bentwood provides the highest-quality fully-customized product along with excellent customer service and designer support.

Worth noting: Due to their level of excellence, there is approximately a 10 week lead time.

The Top High-End Cabinets for Your Upscale Kitchen Remodel - Bentwood - Custom Kitchens California
Bentwood Luxury Kitchens

Harmoni Kitchens - The Luxury of Bentwood at a Lower Price Point

When you want luxury but don’t need as many customization options as are offered by Bentwood, you opt for Harmoni Kitchens. As a product line from Bentwood Luxury Kitchens, Harmoni consists of their best-selling doors and finishes. Through optimizing their operational efficiencies and keeping their manufacturing in house, Harmoni offers the same quality of craftsmanship as Bentwood, but with quicker lead times and a lower price point.

If you are a conscientious consumer, then you’ll be interested to hear this...Harmoni specializes in eco-friendly cabinets and trendy designs that will beautifully complete your modern, transitional or traditional kitchen design. Purchase their products knowing they use environmentally managed lumber and CARB II Compliant plywood in their cabinets. Or select frameless cabinetry for your Euro style kitchen. Regardless of which option you chose, know that you’ll receive exquisite cabinetry that perfectly fits the style of their life and home for less when you choose Harmoni.

Approximate lead time is 6-8 weeks.

The Top High-End Cabinets for Your Upscale Kitchen Remodel - Harmoni - Custom Kitchens California
Harmoni Kitchens

Nickels Cabinets - Frameless European-Style Cabinets

If European-Style frameless cabinets are the kitchen aesthetic you are going for, then Nickels Cabinets is an excellent option. Nickels has been in business for nearly half a century and is based out of British Columbia, Canada. They specialize in highly customizable cabinetry and offer many of the beautiful contemporary veneers and laminates you’ll find overseas. As a highly respected brand, Nickels share on their homepage the following statement:

“Our real passion is helping people love their homes by designing kitchens and solutions for the entire house that creatively define and reflect the people we are building them for.”

They pride themselves on making something that stands the test of time and goes beyond conventional designs. With their consumers in mind, Nickels offer the perfect combination of luxurious quality and style.

Lead time is approximately 8 weeks.

The Top High-End Cabinets for Your Upscale Kitchen Remodel - Nickels - Custom Kitchens California
Nickels Cabinets

Custom Kitchens - High-Quality, Custom, Local

A custom shop since 1950, Custom Kitchens has been crafting our own high-quality custom cabinetry for years. Recently, our shop’s focus has moved on to highly-specialized custom pieces, custom millwork, and historic reproduction. We’re able to custom match existing cabinetry and millwork (style, wood, finish, etc.) as well as offer refacing services.

With a long-standing reputation for high standards, unique design, fine-quality craftsmanship, and customer service, you can get the best while still shopping and supporting local businesses.

High-End Cabinetry is Well Worth the Investment

Choosing high-end, custom cabinetry for your kitchen will always be a great investment. Give yourself the opportunity to select the perfect style that matches your home’s visual appeal, the best products that increase your home’s estimated worth, and the most functional layout plan that helps you stay organized. Every kitchen deserves to showcase gorgeous cabinets and we’re positive if you select Bentwood, Harmoni, Nickels, or Custom Kitchens, yours will too!

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