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Your Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Cabinets and Classy Vanities

If you’re living in the East Bay and looking to revamp your bathroom, high-end cabinetry is an excellent way to enhance the entire room’s look and feel, while also providing much needed utility and storage. Get to know the designs and materials that will transform your bathroom renovation into an aesthetic oasis that exudes a lavish love for luxury.

As a guide, check out our high-end bathroom cabinet and vanity recommendations that we know you’ll get excited about when remodeling your East Bay project.

What makes cabinets or a vanity high-end?

High-end cabinetry is custom and made to order so that it specifically suits your bathroom design needs. With your choice of styles, shapes, sizes, and finishes, high-end cabinets are of the highest quality construction using furniture grade materials. They offer noticeable results that will actually save you money in the long-run given their ability to withstand daily wear and tear. To put it simply, if you’re looking for the best in show and you’re unwilling to sacrifice longevity on the front end of construction, we highly suggest you invest in one of the following luxurious materials.

Wood Type and Finishes You’ll Adore

The type of wood and its finish becomes extremely important when creating an environment of ease and comfort, which is exactly how you want your bathroom to feel once you’re finished with the redesign. Pairing these details with the room’s intended color palette allows you to add wall coverings, decor, and/or artwork that will enhance the area’s soothing nature.

Some awe-inspiring options include...

  • Walnut and cherry give an air of elegance and sophistication, while also blending in well with a more modern design.
  • Painted wood opens up a world of options when it comes to a more playful approach to design. Opt for bright and bold in a retro room or select your favorite earth tone to compliment your transitional home design.
  • Rift cut vertical grain oak in darker stains or lighter washed finishes have become increasingly popular in many modern and mid-century homes for a reason. They add a touch of timeless prestige in a comforting, yet classic manner.
  • Strata finish is a beautiful technique used on European Conifer. The soft fibers in the wood are sandblasted out, and the harder fibers remain to provide texture (both vertically and horizontally) which adds a natural flowing element to your bathroom’s aesthetic.
  • Fenix is a laminate with a velvet touch to it. It’s durable and highly resistant to scratching, abrasion, dry heat, acid-based solvents, and household reagents. Perfect for a bathroom that sees a bit of use and abuse from the family.

Finished Projects Featuring High-End Cabinets and Vanities

Seeing all the pieces of a project come together is the best part of any bathroom renovation. Here are a couple of our favorite projects that utilize the finishes above and feature Harmoni Cabinetry by Bentwood Luxury Kitchens.

Classic Elegance with Harmoni

This master bathroom was designed with the theme of classic elegance in mind, utilizing sophisticated, white painted shaker cabinetry that compliments a similar style throughout the home. The frameless cabinet is Harmoni which offers serenity in form and simplicity in design. With Portofino doors that self-close you’ll have full access to everything you need without the bulk. The hinges are fully concealed, 6-way adjustable, and open to a 110-degree angle.

High-End Cabinets For Your East Bay Bathroom Remodel - Bathroom Remodel - Harmoni Cabinets - Custom Kitchens

The vanity is just long enough to offer two functional sets of drawers at either side of a centered sink cabinet for maximum use of a “his and hers” single basin vanity.

The simple and elegant white cabinetry—along with the straightforward white tub/shower tile—offer support to the beautiful Carrara marble countertops, Carrara mosaic floor, and deep blue walls. The result is a classic and elegant master bath.

Harmoni White Oak for a Traditional Euro-Style

For a more traditional look, the Harmoni cabinets with Rift cut White Oak wood in Fawn finish add an element of pure prestige. The doors and drawers are a frameless Palmer style, with fully concealed hinges that offer a soft-close retraction. Drawer boxes are solid hardwood with euro-style joint construction and undermount slides.

 High-End Cabinets For Your East Bay Bathroom Remodel - Bathroom Remodel - Harmoni Cabinets - Custom Kitchens

The decorative feet—rather than standard, recessed toe kick—add visual interest and continue the farmhouse feel that occupies the kitchen, hutch, island, and other cabinetry throughout the home.

Your Bathroom Stylized Your Way With Cabinetry You Love

At Custom Kitchens we know the importance of having a comforting, aesthetically pleasing bathroom in your home and that the cabinet or vanity is often the focal point of any design. By selecting a type of wood, style and finish that you enjoy, it will be easier to make all the other decisions that your remodel will encompass.

With every design detail in mind, we utilize cabinets and vanities that are beautiful, functional, and constructed in a way that lasts regardless of daily use. Our goal is to assure optimum customer satisfaction and with custom high-end cabinetry we’re able to do precisely that.

If you have more specific questions regarding products, styles, no-fuss design, or you’d like to set up a consultation to discuss your project please contact us at Custom Kitchens.

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