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Are Invisible Kitchens A Trend We Should Embrace?

Minimalist design and open-plan living have been all the rage for the last few years, and we don’t see any signs of it stopping. After all, who doesn’t love a sleek look and a decluttered space, especially when it comes to your kitchen?

Imagine walking through a home with no visual evidence of what room it is. You see a sink or maybe an island, but everything else is hidden behind cabinets to allow the rooms to blend into each other. Some cabinets may or may not even have knobs. You know it’s not a bathroom because there is no shower or toilet.

Enter the latest unconventional design trend - invisible kitchens. Despite the mysterious name, it is not meant to be taken literally. With the shift towards minimalist design, you may already have incorporated some of these elements into your kitchen without even realizing it.

East Bay Remodel Invisible kitchen with minimalist design Custom Kitchens

What Are Invisible Kitchens?

An invisible kitchen design focuses on keeping the conventional aspects of a kitchen out of sight, such as appliances and utensils, so that the room blends in with the rest of your interiors. At Custom Kitchens, we help our clients custom design their kitchens with a minimalist and ultra-stylish look that works with their lifestyle.

We frequently use deep cabinets, pocket doors, and “appliance garages'' for dishware, kitchen tools, and appliances. We love to install modern lazy Susan's inside cabinets for spices and oils to free up counter space and allow for a seamless look. The LeMans pull-out blind corner shelving is used for easy access while also providing counter space.

Other design features that support this trend are invisible or concealed hinges, invisible kitchen sinks can be installed with advancements in technology, and refrigerators can be built in so that they look like cabinetry.

East Bay Remodel Invisible kitchen with oak minimalist design Custom Kitchens

Are Invisible Kitchens Here to Stay?

Some may say invisible kitchens are impractical and lack functionality, especially when guests visit. However, other people say that an invisible kitchen feels less cluttered after a night of hosting since all of the dishware and appliances are moved out of sight. Additionally, people think it creates an alluring visual appeal not to have each room so defined.

Some people might prefer to have the lived-in kitchen look, which is also trending. Depending on your preferences, lifestyle, and desires for your kitchen, there is a design that will work for everyone. Some may prefer to distill a more subtle invisible look, hiding major appliances behind cabinetry but with a strategic approach so that they are easy to find.

East Bay Remodel Invisible kitchen Custom Kitchens

How Does the CK Design Team Feel About Invisible Kitchens?

At CK we’ve designed hundreds of minimalist kitchens, and we believe this trend is here to stay. We work with our clients to understand their current lifestyle, family routine dynamics, and their vision in terms of the overall design for their home. Additionally, we help our clients create minimalist kitchens to optimize their kitchen space for multi-functionality without sacrificing design.

“We love the creativity of hiding the less aesthetically pleasing necessities of the kitchen. For example, major appliances can be covered with customized panels that match cabinetry, kitchen workhorses that usually live on countertops (such as knife blocks or utensil crocks) can be moved to pull out storage drawers and electrical outlet strips can be installed under wall cabinets, all these options help create a sleek, clean look.” - Joy Wilkins, Custom Kitchens Designer.

Whatever your desire is for your next kitchen remodel, the Custom Kitchens Design team can help. If you have more specific questions regarding products, styles, no-fuss design, or you’d like to set up a consultation to discuss your project, please contact us at Custom Kitchens. We are an award-winning design/build company that has been in business since 1950, and we would love to help you remodel the heart of your home, the kitchen.

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