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Challenge the Status Quo With These 5 Bathroom Design Trends

Dispelling long-held beliefs about what’s considered normal, many areas of society are challenging the status quo in 2022, and bathroom design is no exception.

From free-flowing design and transitional spaces to industrial style, creative light, and unconventional imperfections, this year is taking home remodeling by storm with bold new concepts. Let’s explore the top five bathroom design trends taking off this year.

East Bay Remodel custom bathroom with minimalist design Custom Kitchens

Free Flowing Design

Say goodbye to harsh angles and fixed countertops and hello to free-floating sinks, cabinets, egg-shaped tubs, and arched faucets. Adding living elements such as plants and organic materials add to the free-flowing aesthetic. Wood can be reclaimed or upcycled for floating shelves. Stone resin is a popular option for creating a serene, spa-like environment in your bathroom.

East Bay Remodel custom bathroom with minimalist design Custom Kitchens

Industrial Style Bathrooms

The industrial look has risen in popularity over the last few years, with concrete countertops, exposed piping, metal racks, and black matte faucets adorning softly lit bathrooms. We think there is an unfinished beauty that industrial-style bathrooms have characterized by the historical 19th-century factories.

Rather than a sleek look with a chrome finish, the industrial style focuses on more rugged materials like copper, brass, or steel to contrast with a darker color palette. Gray or greige has taken off as a trending aesthetic in bathrooms, and it goes quite well with the industrial design, provided it’s on the darker end of the spectrum. To round out this style, consider ceiling-hung lighting, black bathroom fixtures, and fittings such as a black frame shower screen to complement the industrial aesthetic.

East Bay Remodel custom bathroom with minimalist design Custom Kitchens

Transitional Design

Transitional rooms have been all the rage in home design as of late. To sum up, transitional design lands somewhere between traditional and contemporary with the overall goal of creating a space of luxury vs. basic necessity.

From invisible kitchens and primary bathrooms merging with the bedroom to indoor-outdoor mergers, homeowners are defying norms to play with a new and mysterious way of laying out their rooms. The transitional design often incorporates free-flow elements and may be more complementary to your lifestyle if you prefer the tranquility of a spa-like experience in your bathroom.

With transitional design in your bathroom, you can soften the distinction from your bedroom and add sliding glass doors to allow for more natural light and open up the space between rooms. If your bathroom is located near a deck or patio, you can find ways to blend your bathroom with the outdoors. Combining natural materials mentioned earlier with the free-flowing design and a sliding glass door will allow the room to blend into the exterior seamlessly.

Creative Lighting

Many homeowners are finding new and creative ways to light up their bathrooms for a more ambient look. Rather than harsh lighting overhead, consider LED lighting along ceiling or wall transitions to create the look of a spacious oasis. You can also use LEDs to highlight decor, structural features, or floating cabinets to stand out more.

East Bay Remodel custom bathroom with minimalist design Custom Kitchens

Unconventional Imperfections

Since we are challenging traditional concepts of beauty in 2022, the application of “unconventional imperfections” is no surprise. Homeowners with a luxurious flair are going against the grain by incorporating wire baskets, exposed shelves, and wood totes rather than the traditional vanities or cabinets.

Regardless of which design you desire for your next bathroom renovation, be sure to choose one that not only suits your personality but is practical for your family's needs and will prove a worthy investment in the value of your home.

When bathroom remodeling East Bay homes, our mission is to help our clients combine flawless functionality with a contemporary design that reflects your needs, desires, and personalities.

If you have more specific questions regarding products, styles, no-fuss design, or you’d like to set up a consultation to discuss your next design project, please contact us at Custom Kitchens.

We are an award-winning design/build company that has been in business since 1950, and we would love to be your one-stop shop for your custom remodeling needs.

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