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5 Unique Ideas for Your Next Design Project

From invisible kitchens and eco-design to minimalism and storage optimization, you can be sure that the post-pandemic era has brought various design trends to accommodate the shift to being at home more often.

We know that home design trends come and go. Unfortunately, no one understands this as much as design professionals do! So, let’s discuss five simple yet unique design trends that we love this year.

Five Unique Home Design Trends of 2022 in the East Bay - Kitchen Renovation - Custom cabinetry - Custom Kitchens

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Bathroom tiling design has been all the rage the last few years. The most exciting part about designing a bathroom is deciding on the color scheme and materials you’ll use. If you’re looking for bathroom tile ideas, we are looking forward to sharing a few with you.

Some people prefer the traditional white or marble tile in their bathroom, while others love the classic look of subway tile design. But why not change things up by creating a geometric look with a different grout color for contrast? You could even match the grout with the paint in the bathroom.

Other ideas for tile design include layering them vertically or creating a striking pattern such as herringbone with two different color tiles. Also, do not underestimate the look of tiling, specifically glazed tiles, as a backsplash in your kitchen!

Five Unique Home Design Trends of 2022 in the East Bay - Bathroom Renovation - Bathroom Tiles - Custom Kitchens Bathroom Tiles

Aesthetically Pleasing Kitchen Cabinets

According to a survey done by Houzz, white continues to be the top choice for kitchen cabinets, backsplashes, and walls, with gray trailing behind in popularity. The sleekness of white or cream-colored cabinets lends itself to a classic look. However, in 2022 we also think bold, pigmented, and wooden cabinets are trending. You may even want to consider painting over your existing cabinets for a repurposed look.

For neutral color lovers, taupe, gray, beige, or “greige” are alternatives to white or gray for homeowners to create a cozy, homey look and feel in their kitchen space. Grained walnut and white oak cabinets are another trending material that can add to your kitchen's popular earth tone color schemes.

Five Unique Home Design Trends of 2022 in the East Bay - Kitchen Renovation - Custom cabinetry - Custom Kitchens

Shower Design for a Unique Bathroom

Beyond tile design and unique tubs, there are other distinct touches you can add to your next bathroom design project, such as shower enclosures.

We’ve noticed that the latest trends are either sleek or bold. For shower doors, consider statement frames which can make a large space feel welcoming. We sometimes see this style mixed with other bold patterns and features. Heavy, bold frames are a go-to if you fancy the industrial or farmhouse style.

If you’re a contemporary minimalist, frameless shower enclosures work well with various styles. You can pair this design with muted tones, statement mirrors, and a few house plants for a calming oasis. In addition, frameless enclosures can be custom-designed and built to fit your home, offering any size, and combinations of glass, hardware, and metal finishes.

High-Tech Kitchen Appliances

The Houzz survey findings show that appliances are the second most common feature homeowners splurge on, from smart technology to multi-use appliances.

This is because there are so many ways to cook food over intense heat these days (think air fryer, instant pot, and sous vide, to name a few). So it’s no wonder appliance manufacturers are combining various functions into multi-use units, such as LG’s InstaView, BlueStar’s dual-fuel ranges, and KitchenAid’s smart appliances that you can conveniently operate from your smartphone.

The latest cooking appliance trends and the movement to reduce fossil fuels mean induction ranges are rising in demand. Wolf's steam oven with convection offers an option for quick, healthy meals and is a very popular choice with our customers.

They do require a learning curve, however, induction ranges are easy to clean, allow for rapid cooking, and are better for the environment. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should throw out your perfectly good gas range, but consider opting for an induction range if you are planning to remodel.

Cabinet Space Optimization

Whether it’s kitchen banquettes, appliance garages, or docking drawers, space optimization never goes out of style. Homeowners with small kitchens are always looking for ways to optimize their space, and those craving an invisible kitchen look prefer to keep as much out of view as possible in their kitchen space. As such, over the last year, we have seen the rise of creative ways to organize kitchenware and appliances.

Consider installing a kitchen banquette for tight spaces. A kitchen banquette is functional and optimizes the space needed for an eat-in dining area, especially if it takes advantage of a corner nook. The bench can include drawers for storage space beneath it or built into the seat and is totally customizable to your needs.

Appliance garages, dishware drawers, lazy susans, and pullout utensils & knife storage allow your appliances and kitchenware to have a home away from your precious counter space. In your bathroom, you can also install a docking drawer or a Robern medicine cabinet with internal outlets, which will enable you to add electrical outlets without cutting into your backsplash, ultimately creating a seamless look.

If you have more specific questions regarding products, styles, no-fuss design, or you’d like to set up a consultation to discuss your next design project, please contact us at Custom Kitchens. We are an award-winning design/build company that has been in business since 1950, and we would love to be your one-stop shop for your custom remodeling needs.

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